KBKG Solutions is an interactive site that contains our proprietary tools designed to help tax professionals minimize time needed to perform various calculations, estimates, and tasks related to KBKG's areas of expertise. For a complete list of KBKG's services, go to KBKG.com.

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Residential Cost Segregator™

Complete a Cost Segregation report for residential properties in minutes! This revolutionary tool is designed for CPAs, Tax Preparers and building owners. Available for residential rental properties up to 6 units with a depreciable tax basis of $500,000 or less (excluding land). (352) 603-7680

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Cost: $399 per report. Discounts available for multiple properties




481(a) Adjustment Software

The 481(a) Adjustment Software minimizes the time needed to properly document and calculate IRC §481(a) adjustments required for IRS Form 3115, Change in Accounting Method. The software is updated with current tax laws/regulations and provides calculation schedules that are sufficient for IRS review.
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Subscription Cost: $199 for 24 hours of access or $1,499 for an annual subscription




Partial Disposition Calculator

The Partial Disposition Calculator is a CPA friendly online tool that helps quantify retirement loss deductions for building components. The tool uses the Producer Price Index to discount the new cost of replacing each building component and provides an adjusted value considering the condition of the old building component at the time it was acquired (accomplished by considering the component's normal life and effective age). (908) 816-8200

Subscription Cost: $49 for 24 hours of access or $449 for an annual subscription




Technical Forum Access

Our Q&A technical forum allows users to submit technical questions about KBKG’s areas of expertise or our online tools. The forum is organized by tax subject area and provides visibility into historical questions and answers submitted by other users.

Subscription Cost: Free for all registered users